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Eagle Ford Cabins

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Eagle Ford Cabins of Cotulla, Texas: Right Where You Need to Be, for As Long As You Need

The Eagle Ford Cabins of Cotulla are perfectly situated right by the Eagle Ford Shale, making them the ideal housing option for oil and gas companies looking to house their workers close to the work site. By eliminating travel time, you will not only save money on bulk housing, but your workforce will also save money on gas and travel expenses.

Why Choose the Eagle Ford Cabins of Cotulla For Your Workforce Lodging Needs?

Each cabin has two bedrooms with a full kitchen, bathroom, living room, and laundry units, so each team member has immediate access to whatever they need. In addition to the amenities in the cabins themselves, each lodge also comes with its own parking area and access to the clubhouse for the ultimate in relaxation when the workday is finished.

Your Workers Will Always Feel At Home No Matter How Long the Project Lasts

With the in-home setting of each cabin in Eagle Ford, your workforce will be as comfortable and relaxed during their off hours as they would be sleeping in their own beds. Designed for the maximum comfort of everyone who stays, the Eagle Ford Cabins of Cotulla are sure to be a favorite lodging area for you and your team, as long as work takes you to the Eagle Ford Shale.


Type: Man Camp
Address: 637 N. Baylor St., Cotulla TX 78014

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